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Picking up where Rev Thorn left off with "Airport West" (DREAMTIME002 for the trainspotters out there), Dreamtime return to their favourite Balearic micro-genre, Nuovo Romantica for new compilation "Moon Lovers". Ten tracks, ten artists from all corners of the globe, ten chances to fall in love....
Sweden's Bobby Bricks stars the EP with the Badalamenti-goes-Balearic swoon of lovelorn boogie cut "No Money, No Vacation" before Venus Express II get stuck into a little hip hop tinged downbeat. Hot on their heels, Paul Withey turns out a top notch vocoder slow dance with shades of Herbie Hancock or Daft Punk's "Something About Us.", while Dream Digital and Soul Ipsum close out the side with swarthy synth drone and cool kosmische respectively. The loved up mood continues on the flip as Mad Moon hit us with the syncopated funk, Yardley goes deep into CdM circa '92 downbeat and Master Phil gets celestial on "Waporday". If you're looking for something a little more up tempo, Lethantenqiue has just what you need, while the lovers out there can smooch along to Peter Pearson's romantic piano interlude, "Come Closer".


A1. Bobby Bricks - No Money, No Vacation
A2. Venus Express II - Feel The Wave
A3. Paul Withey - This Is What We Hold On To
A4. Dream Digital - Chasm
A5. Soul Ipsum - 5 O'Clock Somewhere
B1. Mad Moon - Tranquila Susana
B2. Lethatenique - Viadante (PKRZDZ)
B3. Yardley - Beyond The Pines
B4. Master Phil - Waporday
B5. Peter Pearson - Come Closer

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