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Psycho Cruise - Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991

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Not content with causing dancefloor brain melts left, right and centre on their main label, Periodica turn to off-kilter offshoot Futuribile for some serious strangeness on this LP. Icio Omegha's "Psyco Cruise" is a collection of songs and private recordings made between 1984 and 1991 in his studio on the island of Stromboli. Icio Omegha, formerly known as Maurizio Aghemo, is a guitarist, a sitarist and keyboard player who was a member of a world music band active in the late 70s (UCO, Universal Condition Orchestra). Maurizio today is a record collector and painter who runs his art gallery in Stromboli where he exhibits his works. Currently engaged in the assembly of a modular system, he continues to produce experimental music on the island. Over the years, he has explored various musical genres, from ethnic music with an Indian flavor, up to the typical electronic digressions of the mid 80s. The only available source of these recordings are original cassette tapes from which Futuribile made this selection of pieces that best describe his artistic career. The audio was cleaned, re-mastered and edited to make the best possible presentation of these unique recordings of Icio Omegha who is finalLy able to share them with the public. Recommended!!!


Patrick says: Periodica offshoot Futuribile take a trip to Stromboli for this melon-twisting retrospective of Icio Omegha. Warped, weird and wavy, this ten track set switches between odd cosmic funk, library sleaze, esoteric ambience and Indian spiced esoterica.


Psycho Cruise
Fiesta De Verano
Laguna Rossa
Futuro Incerto
Sitar Tabla I
Sitar Tabla II
Sitar Tabla III
Gaida Bulgara
Chitarra Efx

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