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Handcrafted and remastered 2xLP edition of Move D's seminal masterpiece. Originally released on Source Records in 1994 and here reissued by AVA. Records. An exceptionally high watermark from the deep house cannon, "Kunststoff" displays the sonic skills of a producer who would become one of the leading exponents of the scene. At once rich in instrumentation, texture and inventiveness; it contrasts a playfulness of melody with advanced technology and smothers the whole thing in a beautifully detailed and deep patina - a Faberge egg of deep house pleasure and one that has truly stood the test of time.

Never before reissued, it regular fetches over fifty quid 2nd hand but clean copies can be hard to find! This was an album that was played and enjoyed, not simply bought, stowed and collected by speculators. It's a miracle there isn't a few naughty bootlegs to wade your way through, making this fully legit reissue all the more tantalizing! A modern day classic!

All tracks recorded by David Moufang at reSource Studio in 1994, except: "Sandman", recorded at the Blue Room in 1992, "Trist" recorded at Future Planet in 1994 (co-produced by strange Michael), "Seven" recorded at reSource Studio in 1993.

Armchair photographed by Gabi Kaiser, Lossen Foto Heidelberg. Arrangement and variations by Move D, Cebra and Env. Artwork re-creation by Damiano von Erckert for AVA. Records.


Matt says: Phenominally well presented re-issue of this deep house classic and an early introduction to what would become this titanic talent.


A1. Eastman
A2. Soap Bubbles
A3. Sandmann
B1. In/Out (initial Mix)
B2. Hood
B3. Tribute To Mr Fingers
C1. 77 Sunset Strip
C2. Beyond The Machine
C3. Nimm 2
D1. Amazing Discoveries
D2. Trist
D3. Xing The Jordan / Seven

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