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As everyone obsesses about all things related to the decade following 1990, there was one pioneering video game character from the 80s which rave culture held onto and made its posterboy. The manic, pill-munching lead protagonist in cult game 'Pacman' became one of the lasting emblems of smiley culture with early Cornish free party pioneer Aphex Twin, amongst others, remixing tracks from the game and aligning themselves with the ident.

We've come a long way since then, but it seems that the clubbers of 2k18 are resorting back to our old tricks, as traces of rave culture and 90s fashion once again rear their head across the dance music omniverse.

Mystery release that seems to tick all the above boxes, "Powerpill 1" contains four untitled tracks that hark back to a golden age of dance culture. Before GPS and I-phones, when illegal raves and free parties were free from corporate sponsorship and difficult to find; yet life changing in their execution.

'Acid-tekno-ket-bangers' a famous Mancunian raver once said, and its yet to be beaten. If your idea of fun is consuming too many empathegens as loud repetitive music shakes the ground beneath you, against a backdrop of humans that look like they've just missed the casting for Mad Max and Total Recall, then this is the record for you folks! Very big in Pomona! 


Matt says: Big ups all party line posse, HS2-Cru, Smarties Factory massive, Trafford mental asylum (and all the crack heads that showed up to jack us...), Snake's Pass free parties and the Stoke / Hebden Bridge OGs..


Side 1

1. "Track 1"
2. "Track 2"

Side 2

1. "Track 3"
2. "Track 4"

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