I'm Hungry

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Best Italy

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Best have been consistently smashing it since they entered the reissue market a couple of years back, but every now and again the Italian imprint totally excel themselves. Well folks, this is one of those occasions. What we have here is an official reish of a undeniable Italo masterpiece from 1983 produced by dynamic duo, Francesco Paolini (Pasta DJ) and Alessandro Novaga (appearing here as Stopp). Entirely incendiary, "I'm Hungry" hits us with bubbling bass, bombastic sequencing and lightly jacking drum machines, laying the perfect foundation for some playful synth work and choice Italo vocals. Aside from its success in the Italian club scene, the track also became a massive dancefloor classic in Chicago thanks to regular Ron Hardy plays and spins on WMBX's Hot Mix 5 show. Backed with the equally awesome "Caramba Mix" (a dubbier, jacking variation with reversed vocals), this piece of house history will eat your other records for breakfast.


Patrick says: Best Records delight my Talking Drums fam with an official reissue of this squiggly Italo bomb which blew the doors off the Muzik Box in the hands of Mr Ron Hardy. Weapons grade banger folks.


A1. I'm Hungry
B1. I'm Hungry (Caramba Mix)

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