Sherpa The Tiger

Great Vowel Shift

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Sherpa The Tiger are a brand-new band hailing from Lviv, Ukraine. With an arsenal of cheap, decrepit Soviet synthesisers, the four-piece combine a love of minimalist ambient music and the kosmische grooves that came pumping out of Eastern Europe in the 60s/70s. There are two sides to Sherpa The Tiger, there are the danceable groove-ridden cuts that channel the funkier repetitions of CAN's Future Days LP, held together and propelled by a jagged drumbeat that Jaki Liebezeit would surely be proud of. And then there are the more stripped-back moments, which see cosmic, ambient deconstructions that could easily have found themselves on the score of some kind of 80s crime-thriller set against the neon-lit backdrop of Miami. 


1) Peninsula
2) Periscope
3) Golden Ratio
4) Contre-jour
5) Cavalcade

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