Druk 11000

Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar

Image of Druk 11000 - Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar
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Hoga Nord

About this item

This 7” is a collaboration between Silverbullit, Fontän and the Bhutanese group AA Yang - Ensemble. The project took shape during a mythical trip to Bhutan where the Swedish composer and multi instrumentalist Johan 'The Count' Westman who’s living in the country, hooked the altitude sick Scandinavian musicians up with AA Yang - Ensemble. The local monks then blessed the musicians under mystical ceremonial procedures. With protection from the dragon of thunder, Druk 11000 has produced some of the most powerful, loving and life embracing music yet to have been released on Höga Nord Rekords! The songs springs toward the top of Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutans highest mountain, building a mighty storm, noticeable all the way to the Scandinavian woodlands!


Matt says: Hoga Nord continue in earnest, on one of their most lysergic trips to date. Druk 11000 sound like the most sherm-riddled band off a lost Light Sounds Dark comp - but is actually a modern day amalgamation of Himalayan and Swedish talent - the result is a technicoloured, magic carpet ride into mountain voodoo rock - and is very good indeed!


1. Zamboling (4:27)
Side 2
1. Sibsoo Bazaar (3:22)

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