Speed Boat

A FWD Drive

Image of Speed Boat - A FWD Drive
Record Label
The Nail Shop

About this item

New release from Al Morris' The Nail Shop label, bringing multi-coloured new house stylings to our receptive earlobes. Artist in toe for this voyage is Speed Boat, who also provided the label's inaugural release.

Watch out for big splashes as we hit cruise control across the ocean for this holiday house smasher, rich in coastal exuberance and wearing some stylish AF shades... It's kinda as if Martin McKay took the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams team out of their Scottish bedsits and on holiday to Tisno for the weekend (a bit like when Levi Love took Metrodome to South Africa..-ed) and filled them full of high quality LSD. Bouncy, jubilant, celebratory house music with a cutting edge electronic gloss. Mega.


1. A Barking Tool (6:34)
2. Nobody's Barking (6:54)

1. The Bongo Bark (5:13)
2. A FWD Dive (6:52)

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