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Image of Delroy Edwards - AftershockImage of Delroy Edwards - Aftershock
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Long Island Electrical Systems

About this item

You know you're in store for summat hot when not one but two esteemed DJs rush to buy a copy of this before it's even hit the website or the shelves... Such is the current fervor surrounding this new Delroy LP.

Written and produced in the tradition of classic Chicago beat tracks; records like Jesse Velez's "Super Rhythm Tracks" or Duane Thamm's "D-Rail" and "R-Trax", comes the LA native with a 14 song double LP of stripped down Chi-town madness. This is straight up Saturday night WBMX mixshow material. Sparse rhythms, fat FM basslines, catchy melodies and even some Italo arpeggios are order of the day here, perfect for working DJs putting in loonnng hours in rave bunkers throughout the world. Standing strong on their own or to be layered and slammed in and out the mix, these are true to form, old school cuts which (and we genuinely mean this) hold their own against the original blueprints and watermarks. It's pointless talking you through the individual tracks, just get stuck in and you won't be disappointed....


1. Killer Charlie
2. Defcon 5
3. MMT8 Jam1
4. Swingin The Bitch
5. Crazy House 3
6. Under The Eclypse
7. Barefoot In The Park
8. On My Mind
9. Oh Yeah!
10. Beats
11. The Seventh Veil
12. Fright Night
13. Runnin
14. Aftershock 

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