Måns Glaeser

Velvet Pony Trax 2

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Velvet Pony

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Stockholm's quiety been one of the dance music nebula's less celebrated, but equally brightest stars. There's a plethora of under-hyped labels and producers currently emanating out of the Swedish capital which, in my opinion display a creative flair and originality which sets them apart from other regional scenes.

Måns Glaeser has previously worked with Stay Gold and Wallpaper and has released alongside Art Alfie on Karlovak and Velvet Pony. He's toured with Savage Skulls and is part of "Of The Meds" - a Swedish house (super)group (just no-one mention Mafia...) with music forthcoming on Studio Barhus.

This EP contains three varied tracks. First out is the French filter house burner ”Velvet Tony”, followed by the suave swing of ”Angelina” and rounded with the organic headiness of ”o.0.O”. It's clean, insatiably funky and primed for terrace action. It reminds me a little of Shir Khan's Black Jukebox but as mentioned, with a unique Swedish twist. Top marks. 


A1. Velvet Tony
A2. Angelina
B1. O.0.O

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