The Lost Chicago Beat Traxx (1988)

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Back in August 2017, Jerome Derradji received a call by one of Chicago’s most renowned record dealers: It went like this: 'Hey Jerome, I’ve got all these reel to reel tapes of Chicago stuff. You want to take a look?' Less than 24 hours later, more than 160 reels were purchased and safely hauled back to the Still Music office and Jerome got to work. These reels - that were lost for more than 20 years - contain some incredible stuff. This release marks the first slew and I can attest - the quality is high!

"Beauty Traxx 1" sees a manic vocal loop wrapped around a mechanized acid lick before adding Roland hats (909 I think...). Simple. Devastating. "Beat Trax 2" applies a similar work ethic - head twisting vox + 4/4 house beat + acid inflection = demonic warehouse slammer. Ideal. "Beat Traxx 3" is more wobbly and wigged out than the pure JACK that preceded it; gliding in on Risque III-esque sounds, for me at least, this is the most accomplished and 'fleshed out' of the trax on offer here....

Essential for fans of that OG Chi-town jack sound! 


A1. Beat Traxx 1
A2. Beat Traxx 2
B. Beat Traxx 3

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