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Danny McLewin (Psychemagik) and Jamie Cruisey kick off a new label, dedicated to new artists and original material. The first release is from Mexican hotness Lokier of She Made Monster and Jason Greer aka The Machine, one of the Californian undergrounds best kept secrets.

"White Room's" is cinematic, reflective and brooding. Slow and steady synth patterns creep through a electro-cosmic beat while high end embellishments are provided through the duo's expansive analogue kit.

"Stained Glass" hits the acid jugular straight out the box, with gurgling 303 line weaving between frenetic drums and brooding strings. A gothy guitar line cuts through the track and is the main point of reference as we get swamped with a dirty lysergic bath.

"Pearly Hate" begins as if a menacing swarm of bionic rave bees is slowly surrounding you. Shattering tension, this midtempo Carpenter-esque jam is atmospheric putty in the hands of sleazoned DJ's and sounds like the beginning of a long, strange trip.

"Red Floor" is a serpentine narco-disco beast, flagrantly wearing its Weatherall and Neu Beat-ing heart on its tattered sleeve, elliptical melodies keeping you from your sanity with a solid drop for the dancefloor - another one for DJ's who ride it rough.


A1. White Room
A2. Stained Glass
B1. Pearly Hate
B2. Red Floor

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