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Zinnigheddas Jam Berlin

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Gifted Culture

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Gifted Culture collective kicks off with "Zinnigheddas Jam Berlin", the first 12” in a series of three releases recorded exclusively during improvised jam sessions. Gifted Culture wants artists to breath and to represent in music the contemporaneity that surrounds us. Gifted Culture catches that very moment on tape. This is an itinerant music project, to highlight the context as influence on the artistic process.

During the first session Two Thou, Autre, Xinner and Demo gather together during a Sunday night in Kreuzberg with an electric bass and a bunch of synthesizers. There they start to tell us how they feel the 'now'.

I have to say I like the concept, almost harking back to that jazz tradition of getting a few musos together in a room, taking in the mood of the environment and time, hitting record and witnessing the spontaneity. I'd be surprised if tens if not hundreds of takes didn't get ditched (as I'm sure did the jazz set...) but out of the four jams they've selected to present here, the music is inspired, cohesive and focused; without sprawling into reckless abandon as can be the curse of many improv session. No, definitely feeling this one. and serendipitously fitting into all that future jazz / electronics stuff coming out of London and Manchester at the moment - Gondwana, Henry Wu, Yusef Kamal; hell I'm even getting a bit of Cinematic Orchestra in here... Ace. 


A1. Demo Solo
A2. Sa Mesa
B1. Angioni
B2. Trudu

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