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SW (Stephen Wust) and SVN (Sven Rieger) are somewhat legendary round these parts. Their Sued label, started in 2008, pretty much laid the blueprint for what would become our 'Outsider House' section (and more specifically the 'rainforest techno' tag, which RA seem to have stolen as their own! - Matt), going on to enlist DJ Sotofett, Dynamo Dreesen, Fettburger and PG Sounds into their idiosyncratic, and now globally celebrated, sonic world. Utilizing broken old Scottish machinery, a very unique production process and a slight disenchantment with the established dance music norms, SW and Sued have become a beacon for music mavericks from many fields.

Recorded specifically for Apollo, the EP (mini album if you ask me..) skirts through cerebral dreamscapes and into highly organic oases, deep into tropical flora before beginning midnight tribal percussion rituals and moments of black magic sonic voodoo. Stylistically this pair are out on their own, with a reckless, fuck-the-DJ attitude which makes their records beautiful to listen to and impossible to mix.

Certain to chart highly in the end of year lists, with all the hype machines (sadly) now on board this dynamic, charismatic and honest duo. Dance music doesn't throw up many cats like this. Get involved.


Matt says: Two of the coolest cats in dance music right now get together and drop some hazy, tripped out beauty for the Apollo label and its a joy to behold!


A1. 10-10- Nomix
A2. Dx N-lip
A3. 11-10-17.1
B1. La-400x
B2. Tx 77 Hinten
B3. Tr.rd.

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