Ron Trent

Dance Floor Boogie Delites

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Only One Music

About this item

Hefty slice of big Ron comin' back atcha here courtesy of One Music, Germany. Originally released in 1995 on Prescription, this thick but languid house epic is tailor made for long, sweaty sessions; it's deep organ licks keeping you locked into a its tribal thrust for its extended, ten minute+ duration... On the flip "Morning Fever" is equally languid and relaxed, a shuffling hi-hat pattern guiding us through gospel tinged organ lines, xylophone licks and a grinding, low tuned bassline. Clav patterns add life and vibrancy to the mix, as this daytime romp continues in earnest - adding more leads and an advanced musicality to the pot as it casually saunters onwards.

Wonderful stuff from Ron Trent here, timeless house music made with passion, love and nothing but sympathy for the style. Essential. 


A Pop, Dip And Spin 
B Morning Fever

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