Les Crocodiles

La Nuit Des Tropiques

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Record Label
Pleasure Unit

About this item

Release number three for Pleasure Unit, a rare collaboration from two of the Keyboard Mashers. Dreamy keys and thick wavy synth shapes introduce "La Nuit..." in a style most obviously reminiscent of Larry Heard. Sparkly and vibrant throughout, the track's poised and balanced mix should keep the most fervent deep house spirit burning well into the night. There's an alternative version on the flip, the 'acid dub' stripping things back a bit more and letting the perc lines and wavy synth do most of the talking. Finally, "Tropique Ambi Sunrise" is a tasty bonus track at the end that, with its Lune bird samples, swirling ecstasy-soaked ambience and goosebump inducing elevation, should take the listener back to their most cherished and nostalgic moments on the White Isle, or indeed any of the Adriatic's more recently explored party spots. About as Balearic as it get this baby! Top stuff. 


Sil says: Pleasure Unit back again with more excellent material angling for an old school deep house a la Larry Heard. Not bad at all. That Acid Dub mix is glory.


A1. La Nuit Des Tropiques (Le Club)
B1. La Nuit Des Tropiques (Acid Dub)
B2. Tropique Ambi Sunrise

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