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SMX are Max O'Brien and Sam Purcell (Blank Mind). "Sleep" is an intoxicating live jam recorded in October 2015 during a period of emotional upheaval, exploring themes of discordance and euphoria. It contains concentric sawtooth waveforms encased in brick-wall compressed, slightly sidechained drums, with emotive strings attempting to pierce the flatline and get into the headroom. Although skeletal and stripped back, it's a powerful and attacking listen.

"Thief", by comparison, is a rambunctious and unrelenting modern techno hybrid complete with ruff drums, sharp bleeps and some system pleasing sfx. Likely to cause an eruption of energy wherever it's played, it keeps succinct with some similar fx and sounds but opts for a harder edged, jugular hitting momentum. Mega.


Sil says: Techno slammers from Whities firm here with SMX and Koehler providing two very different but equally arresting numbers.


1. SMX - Sleep
2. Koehler - Thief 

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