Let Me Say Dis About Dat

Image of Aura - Let Me Say Dis About Dat
Record Label
Aloha Got Soul

About this item

Hawaii's foremost musicological crew continue to do the tourist board's job for them, offering yet another incentive to visit the Pacific paradise. Digging further into the fruitful back catalogue of local funk troupe Aura, Aloha Got Soul give us a wicked white label boasting the moody and groovy instrumental "Let Me Say Dis About Dat" and the disco stomper "No Beginning, No End". Tune into the A-side for cop show guitar riffs, blaring brass (think Bernard Wright's 'Spinin') and a ceaseless funk groove. Rugged, muscular but super cool, this cut has all the qualities of a TV cop who doesn't play by the rules, but gets the job done. Over on the flip we're in roller skates and hot pants territory with the disco-funk frolic "No Beginning, No End", a masterpiece of walking bass, killer clavs and handclaps which finally spirals into psychedelic brilliance. Right on.


A1. Let Me Say Dis About Dat
B1. No Beginning, No End

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