Pacific Coliseum

Ocean City

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Coastal Haze

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It seems like Coastal Haze have been holed up in their log cabin of late, whiling away the winter months rewinding their tapes and working the high speed dubbing for a pair of cassette releases. Thankfully for the vinyl fans, the firm return this week with a wax offering from Pacific Coliseum that should find favour with house heads and Balearic beards alike. We're in warm and wavy territory from the off here, as the titular "Ocean City" glides through filtered bass, vaporous pads and nuanced percussion atop the breaking waves. "Last Night In Paradise" drops the tempo and hits the hammock, marrying accoustic guitars, Mediterranean synths and a relaxed rhythm like a stoned cult leader. Moving onto the B-side, "Beach Runner" throws its towel on the sunlounger for a fully horizontal slice of Balearic boogie (in a Club Med, Max Essa on Nado style) before "Wave Catalyst" introduces kosmische sequences and New Age motifs for a fantasy finale.


Patrick says: Killer Balearic business here from Pacific Coliseum, who gets the house business out the way early to concentrate on the poolside cool down. Very nice stuff.


A1. Ocean City
A2. Last Night In Paradise
B1. Beach Runner
B2. Wave Catalyst (Low Tide)

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