Marlui Miranda

Tchori Tchori (Brasingles Vol.1)

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Selva Discos / Optimo

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Selva Discos kick off a new series of singles with this truly sublime piece of music by Marlui Miranda. As a musician and ethno-musicologist (she's a doctorate on native Brazilian music, so you know) Marlui's spent the last four decades dedicating herself to keeping the indigenous music of Brazil alive. 
In 1995, Marlui released the album "Ihu: Todos os Sons", a collection of native Brazilian chants she gathered in her field researches and released only in CD through two small labels (one in the US, the other in Brazil). This research started in 1986, funded by the John Simmon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and it investigated the sounds of different tribes in the Rondônia state, northern Brazil, namely the Suruí, the Makuarap, the Aruá, the Tupari and the Jaboti tribes - the latter being the one identified with the "Tchori Tchori" chant, which praises a bird called biguá.

The haunting, beautiful melody of "Tchori Tchori" couldn't get a better companion than the exquisite musical palette of Uakti, one of Brazil's greatest instrumental groups, known for creating their own instruments (you've heard them before in Selva Discos alongside Maria Rita). That's what the listener gets on the A side of this release - the deep sound frequencies of a 45RPM cut, fully remastered, of a song never put on a vinyl record before.

For the B-side, the label handed the original to Brazilian disco king and house head Joutro Mundo, who excels himself with an 8 minute interpertation intended for the DJ. The producer adds subtle bass weight and additional percussion to carry the dreamy mallets and stunning vocals to the dancefloor, while the new, hypnotic arrangement should keep the crowd moving for the duration.


Patrick says: It’s been an excellent week for new releases, but this beats the competition hands down. The first installment of Selva Discos new Brasingles series provides a first time on vinyl for the ethereal rainforest majesty of Marlui Miranda’s “Tchori Tchori”, with a subtle and hypnotic club version from Joutro Mundo on the flip.


A1. Tchori Tchori 
B1. Tchori Tchori (Joutro Mundo Remix)

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