Benedikt Frey

New Now

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Live At Robert Johnson

About this item

Benedikt Frey returns to Live At Robert Johnson with three hypnotic cuts that traverse the slow, sludgy, lysergic landscape of now.

"Looking Back" rattles with short delays and snappy reverbs. A highly charged electrical track with added (electro)Jew's harp for extra strangeness. "Clown Time" dispatches some rapid-fire 303 action; with distant mechanized squeals indicating the ensuing chaos. A proggy soundbed and hi-octane propulsion ensuring that the old school trance heads are given summat to chew on through this monster technoid number. Finally, "New Now" sees piston perc meet throbbing electronics for a gothy and trippy finale that'll keep lovers of the evil and sludgy more than happy.


1 - Looking Back 00:05:00
1 - Clown Time 00:05:20
1 - New Now 00:05:59

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