Zodiac Trax

Zodiac Trax

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Frame Of Mind

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Dutch pioneer MG (aka Gert van Veen) is responsible for a series of huge house classics to emerge from the Netherlands: A-men's "Pay The Piper", Quazar's "Seven Stars", House of Venus' "Dish & Tell". The list is long. Under his lesser known moniker Zodiac Trax, Gert produced some of his moodiest material. Released in 1992 in two parts, these beautifully crafted tracks remained fairly unknown up to this day. For this re-issue Frame Of Mind selected the deepest tunes from the obscure series. A previously unreleased track called "Planet X" is included - winner!

This really is some delightful stuff - appealing to fans of early Derrick May, Transmat, Red Planet, Sheffield 'bleep', B12, FSOL etc etc. I don't THINK I've heard much of this material out in the field, which is testament to its obscurity (but luckily not to its quality, which is bang on). Tasty re-ish! Get involved. 


Planet Earth
Planet X

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