Editales Vol. 1

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Really strong stuff here from Ditongo on established label Degustibus. Two tracks with a stylish, hypnotic flair coursing through their veins.

A-side track, "Berimbau" updates the samba blueprint for the house heads, giving the lead role to a dizzying organ line.

On the flip, "You Know Nothing" is equally mesmeric, switching the precursor to a more mechanized funk containing looping guitar licks, a flurry of live drums and a concentric fretted bass hook. The mad groove draws you in before dropping into some sublime disco business later in the track.

Two seriously beguiling tracks that'll work wonders in the dance - ideal! 


Sil says: Summer bomb here. On B Side (my chosen one!) memories of Mark E at its best come to mind... Slow chuggy and mesmerising edit that flourishes when the sweet vocals come out. Absolutely stunning.
On A Side, Berimbau, is a discotech number that will turn heads and shake hips. Very very good edits here from Ditongo. Not to be missed I'd say.


A: Berimbau - 00:08:06
B: You Know Nothing - 00:04:50

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