Special Delivery Vol. 4 - A Collection Of Dysfunctional Edits By CV

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Edit Service

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The Edit Service is back and for the first time in album format (2 x LP): "Special Delivery Vol. 4 - A Collection of Dysfunctional Edits by CV" contains 8 tracks spread over two records: long edits, reworks or even remixes made from obscure music by the enigmatic CV (it shouldn’t be too hard for people to figure out who is behind it).

ARMAZEM opens the record. One of the most dancefloor-friendly cuts on the LP, from a post-industrial and nearly trancey tune from Brazil.  CANAILLE BLEU comes from a mid-80s French film which soundtrack was never released. The edit uses the dialog from the film and live instruments. The result is a cinematic and dubby number with Gallic tendencies. FISH LIQUOR is an edit of a German synth wave tune from a limited run cassette released in the 80’s, extended and tailored for the dancefloor. On PIECES OF A SULTAN, the raw material comes from a highly popular rock band of the 70’s. New instruments were added and the producer takes the tune in a krautrock, almost experimental direction. PORTE DORÉE is another tune on this release with French vocals. The original comes from a rare and cult post-hippy art rock record from the late 70’s, condensed into a downtempo yet dancefloor edit. With RACINES INCERTAINES, the producer slowed down a disco funk tune from the late 70s, then recreated it from scratch, giving a cosmic dimension to this groovy number. SHIP FROM RIMINI is the remix of a vocal italo tune from the early 80s. It has all the hallmarks of a classic of the genre, yet there is something about both its groove and melodies that stands out. Finally, SPANISH CODEINE is an Iberian Eurodance record played at the wrong speed, to which elements were added in order to create an edit that goes to completely new directions.


A1. Fish Liquor
A2. Porte Dorée
B1. Ship From Rimini
B2. Pieces Of A Sultan
C1. Armazém
C2. Canaille Bleue
D1. Spanish Codeine
D2. Racines Incertaines

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