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Broken District 02

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Broken District

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Broken District is a new label launched by the creative minds of Jus Jam, Momla and Antwan. The project is born with the idea of exploring alternative music styles that blend the influences of the label's creators, including Jazz, House-Music, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, and more experimental sounds.

In order to give a global overview of the label's territory, Broken District kicks-off with a series of VA EPs, here delivering its second volume.


A1 Jus Jam & Momla – Pumpkin
A2 Momla – Huckleberry Dream
A3 Duktus & Marian Tone – Better Chill
B1 Jus Jam – Naked Lunch
B2 Sam Irl – On The Mend
B3 System Olympia – Do You Need Anybody

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