Late Night Science

Automatic Funk EP

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Star Creature

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Star Creature continue to provide the new boogie bounce for our all nite discotheques. 'Nuther new signing, coming on strong with BIG analogue b-lines, accomplished sax solos and chunky mo-fu**in beats! Star Creature are on a roll right now!

Written and produced by Wojtek Dlugosz and featuring guest vocals by Azteka and Natalie Olivieri, the EP was conceived in Krakow, Poland, and is a sterling display of this producer's talents.

Inventive drum machine patterns, seriously squelchy b-lines and leads, celestial keys - allll the good stuff from the big ship boogie but twisted and re-defined jusst enough for modern audiences and dancefloors. A seriously killer release from this camp and crew - recommended! 


Matt says: Can't get enough Star Creature me! They just do everything right, and introduce some excellent new boogie and funk talent to the world through their many labels. 5*s all day.


A1 Automatic Funk
A2 Moonbeams
A3 Birkeland Currents
B1 Let Me Be The One
B2 Secret Crush

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