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Wolf Music

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One of Dortmund's finest exports, Mr. Fries, returns to Wolf Music bringing his signature sample heavy house touch back to the label.

Six tracks of MPC saturated cuts take the stage for WOLFEP045 with the hazy Rhodes, rhythmic stabs and sax flutters of 'Nocturnal' opening up the e.p. 'Sun' takes things on a percussive workout before 'Work' leads you down a road of dusty Detroit loops, akin to the productions of the Motor City greats.

On the flip you get a smokey jazz, sun-drenched roller in 'Getright', moving into 'Junkfoodnmusic' which encapsulates that comatosed feeling it's titled after down to a T - dropping the pace down into a laid back jam. Closing out the e.p. 'Thesimplethings' driving bassline, fizzing percussion & sensual samples offer up a late night groover to round off another stellar outing from Mr. Fries.


A1 Nocturnal
A2 Sun
A3 Work
B1 Getright
B2 Junkfoodnmusic (feat. Kandinsky)
B3 Thesimplethings

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