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Burnin Music Recordings

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New year, new release for Burnin Music. After 2 strong EPs in 2017 (Ponty Mython BM001 and Leonidas +Kay Suzuki BM002) Burnin Music first release of 2018 features the first EP of an up-and-coming British artist called Michael Iwatsu also featuring a remix by German producer, SoulPhiction.

Fracture (Original mix) is a 10 mins long journey. A beautiful odyssey between beats and harmony, between intuitive dance floor and subtle emotions. The main Piano brings a perfect balance to the stomping house kick & drum. And as the journey continues, the trip develops leading to more sonic ventures. Exciting, touching, pure, Fracture (Original Mix) is a very balanced track.

On the flip side, house music master Soulphiction accomplishes the task to bring the track into a dark basement. His remix is a condensed version of everything that makes the original track an emotional one and also add a Detroit twist: it becomes a raw, moody and very intuitive sonic object. A tool for the dancefloor.


A1 Original Mix

B1 Soulphiction Jazzed Up Mix

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