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Beautiful Strangers

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Beautiful Strangers

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Beautiful Strangers marks the return of Theo Kottis with this sampler of his debut LP. It reveals a new chapter in his artistic journey in which he resets his creative output, free of compromise, conveying his devotion to the dancefloor, and revealing a new concept that everyone can ascribe to.

‘Reasons' kicks off the record with a slice of disco tinged house music - overlaying infectious guitar and string loops, with slick piano flurries to make for a sure-fire summer winner. The A2 houses 'The Get Down' - a more heavy hitting workout packaged for the dancefloor, with a percussive bassline over the top of a choice breakbeat, tied together by a thumping kick.

Flip it over and you unearth the lovechild creation of a 303 coupled with a Brazilian classic in the form of 'Acid Disco'. A driving kick / hat combo, squelchy acid and pitched down Brazilian vocals offer up a raw but energetic stomper. Finally, 'U Need To Keep It Simple' takes you on a more emotive and powerful acid trip. The sweeping synths building throughout the track coupled with soaring strings, alongside an alluring acid line….proper!


A1 Reasons

A2 The Get Down

B1 Acid Disco

B2 U Need To Keep It Simple

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