People's Choice

Here We Go Again / Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)

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Philadelphia International Records

About this item

A classic slice of Philadelphia funk from People's Choice, officially remastered and reissued for 2018. "Here We Go Again" is a definitive, feel-good disco stomper combining a full frontal bassline, infectious keys and staccato guitar licks that effortlessly build and build throughout the track. Cries of 'Here We Go Again' ring out at its peak epitomising the feeling that this groove could last forever. Keeping up that perpetual good time groove the B side houses the mighty 'Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)'. A track doused in the funk, from the rugged vocals to the addictive hooks, it'll worm its way into your head for weeks.


Patrick says: A-grade disco-funk here from the mighty People's Choice, brought back to the racks by Philly International. On the A-side, "Here We Go Again" is the kind of raw, rugged and relentless peak timer that just don't quit, while B-side burner "Jam, Jam, Jam" hits you with a stone groove.


A1. Here We Go Again
B1. Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)

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