Liquid Pegasus

Makin It Hot

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The mythical Liquid Pegasus returns - this time on Clandestine Boogie, firmly setting out his stall as one of the best around when it comes to modern synth boogie. ‘Makin It Hot' opens up proceedings, synth stabs and squelchy basslines a plenty, married with layers of intricate melodies and a vocoder transported straight from the 80's. Matt Hughes takes on remix duties converting that squelchy bass synth into a more straight up funk bass guitar, adding shuffling high hats and weaving in a little jazz flute for added effect.
On the flip side it's prime low rider cruising courtesy of 'Sparkle´ combining a full-bodied bass, cosmic pads and woozy synth flurries to create a soundtrack perfect for late night coasting. To close out the e.p. Dave Allison adds his own sparkle to the track, upping the tempo, adding a range of hazy arps and sweeping synthesis alongside a perfectly executed bass breakdown, taking 'Sparkle' from midnight cruiser to boogie bomb.


Sil says: Make it hot baby! The sun is out, summer is here. And this, fellas can easily be your soundtrack for such day. Great synth tabs, Daft Punk vocoder and a beefy Matt Hughes edit. A belter for this summer!


A1 Makin It Hot
A2 Makin It Hot (Matt Hughes Remix)
B1 Sparkle
B2 Sparkle - Dave Allison Remix

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