In Light EP

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Tropical Animals

About this item

After years of successful parties it's time for the Tropical Animals team to move on to the next phase.

This time, it is Whitesquare (2020Vision - Freerange Rec) who will have his music pressed on wax for the brand new Florence-based label.

The artist delivers In Light EP, which includes three mesmerising exclusive tracks: "Limitation", an incessant vortex with acid nuances, following "Velvet Room", a romantic melody driven by lush textures; at the end, we find "Pressing Point", a climax of primordial rhythms and synths.

Spirals of sounds, uncontaminated electronic atmospheres and emotions that intersect memories lost in time. Deep deep down, far far in.


A1 Limitation

B1 Velvet Room

B2 Pressing Points

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