Guy Incognito

I Think I Need You In My Life

Image of Guy Incognito - I Think I Need You In My Life
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White Label

About this item

Three midnight rollers supplied by the mysterious Guy Incognito, complete with shuffling percussion, lo-fi echoed vocal snippets and soaring pads, tied together with dynamic basslines.
As atmospheric, ethereal and incognito as you like. And yes, thiese tracks do wonder on the dancefloor. This is peak time DJ weaponry. Mass destruction? Possibly no but hey.. close enough it is, 'I Think I Need You In My Life' is infectious and driving. Supagood. Supa danceable.  
But hey fellas. it is not all about going mad on the dancefloor. we can also go deep. For that, flip this naughty boy and you will have a good example of deep house with class. That is what 'Swept Under' is all about. Closing the act is another deep house number with delicate piano keys. A truly outstanding 12". I am getting a copy myself. 


Sil says: Yo yo yo... this is deliciously good house, deep and uptempo too. Crowd can potentially adore you when you drop 'I Think I Need You In My life'. You and I need this!


A1. I Think I Need You In My Life
B1. Swept Under
B2. The Epic Comedown 

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