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La Vie Electronique Volume 1.2

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One Way Static

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Now available for the first time on vinyl, One Way Static Records presents the THIRD volume in our new archival series ‘La Vie Electronique’. This volume (1.2) focuses on the years 1970-1972 and is spread over two glorious LP’s containing +77 minutes of Klaus Shulze rarities. This deluxe vinyl set also comes with an insert containing extensive liner notes. Available as a limited classic black vinyl retail edition (700 copies) with obi strip.

Klaus Schulze is a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician that needs very little introduction. In the late sixties & early seventies he was a member of several iconic bands such as ‘Tangerine Dream’, ‘The Cosmic Jokers’ & ‘Ash Ra Tempel’ before launching a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums released across five decades. Collaborations were numerous and highlights include working with Steve Winwood, Brian Eno & Alphaville… just to name a few.

Klaus Schulze’s proto moog-synthesizer work is regarded as a milestone in electronic music & during the decades he released landmark albums in genres catalogued as ‘Ambient’, ‘Electronic’, ‘New Age’, ‘Berlin School’, ‘Experimental’, ‘Kosmische Musik’ & ‘Krautrock’. Mr. Schulze had a more organic sound than most electronic artists of the time, often he would throw in decidedly non-electronic sounds such as acoustic guitar and a male operatic voice. Schulze is also known for developing a Minimoog technique that sounds uncannily like an electric guitar, which is quite impressive in concert.

On occasions he would also compose film scores such as Body Love 1977), Barracuda (1978), Next of Kin (1982), & Angst (1983). His best known song ‘Freeze’ has been used in films like Manhunter (1986) and more recently in Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’ from 2013.

In 2009, producer Klaus D. Mueller and Schulze began releasing La Vie Electronique ("The Electronic Life"), a series of sets that collected rare sought-after early works & unreleased tracks put in chronological sequence. These sets contain some of the best music Klaus ever created and are early 70’s masterworks that will appeal to both fans and collectors.


Barry says: Schulze, as one of the masters in the vast pool of talent that is the world of 70's synths, has an impeccable understanding of tone, texture and melody. Here, we get some of the lesser heard gems of his catalogue, beautifully presented and perfectly sequenced for a long, hypnotic undertaking. Absolute essential.


01 Frühlicht 
02 Etude Pour Une Fin De Monde
03 Bruitismus

04 Die Kultpumpe
05 Loch Im Meer
06 Maschinenspiele

07 Die Grüne Leiche
08 Gesang Zur Dämmerung

09 Study For Terry Riley
10 Les Jockeys Camouflés

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