Roisin Murphy

All My Dreams / Innocence (Produced By Maurice Fulton)

Image of Roisin Murphy - All My Dreams / Innocence (Produced By Maurice Fulton)
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Vinyl Factory

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After wooing one and all with her gorgeous Italophone EPs on Vinyl Factory in 2014, Róisín Murphy returns to the expertly curated imprint (and killer cultural hub) for four 12" singles produced by possible alien / probable genius Maurice Fulton. Murphy's always had a keen ear for a killer groove and in Futon (As he's hilariously known in these parts), she's found the perfect production foil to create the most hip-twitching, pleasure-centre-stimulating music of her life. And it's being released in the only correct way for sounds so intimately connected to the dancefloor: on a series of 12” singles, with stunning graphics from Portuguese New Yorker Braulio Amado. The first EP in the series opens with the off kilter "All My Dreams", a dark and dislocated bit of mirrorball magic which sees Róisín's sassy vocals swaying over a twisted disco-not-disco groove. Seductive and scary in equal measure, this leathed-clad banger demands your attention on the dancefloor. B-side bomb "Innocence" is a classic Fulton freak-out, all intergalactic synth riffs, rubberised bass and syncopated percussion topped by Murphy's misty vocals. It sounds like the perfect companion to the upcoming Syclops LP to me....


A. All My Dreams
B. Innocence

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