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Heat / Offshore Drift

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Classic drum & bass from '96, recorded at Acid Lab Studios, London and produced by Paul Saunders. A 'jazzy' standard from its golden era, big with the Metalheadz / Goldie crowd when it was originally released, prices on this beauty have sky-rocketed of late, hence this well timed re-ish from the label on which it was originally release: R&S.

On the flip "Offshore Drift" languidly introduces itself through wandering keys, swirling ambience and suspended pads before dropping into some light and skitty dnb flavoured with summery chords and nice subs.

Mega release, hopefully opening up the floodgates for more records to those who missed this iconic, groundbreaking UK sound the first time round. One thing we SHOULD be proud of being British...!


Matt says: Pull up pull up! Lost dnb classic from '96 gets a much needed re-wind; easing us into a slew of amazing records which are due a second outing this year I rek...


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