The Numbers EP - Inc. DJ Skull Remix

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Cuttin' Headz

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Cuttin’ Headz new EP from long-time Martinez Brothers collaborator Argy and featuring a remixes from DJ Skull.

"The Numbers EP" came into fruition after spending an entire week digging for gems in the basement of a legendary vinyl store, indulging in white label bootlegs and lost classics from the 80s and early 90s, Argy left with a bag full of rare pressings and was immediately inspired to compose his next EP.

Riddled with obscure, 30-year-old vinyl fragments and noises "The Numbers EP" nods towards the UK rave scene, early Warp, US proto-house and NuGroove. All recorded with a live feel and classic instruments. While the title cut lays focus on acid bass, dynamic drums and trippy vocals, making for a warehouse friendly listen; "Tutti Fruti" employs a classic hip house vocal line, swinging rhythms and spiraling synths swells. "A.F.T.E.R" hits a darker edge via murky stabs, panicked snares and echoed vocal murmurs while Chicago house legend DJ Skull's remix (kicking off the EP no less), is the real money shot for a me: a proto-terrace roller with concentric b-line, tribal inflections and futuristic sheen. An excellent EP!


A1. The Numbers (DJ Skull Remix)
A2. Tutti Frutti
B1. The Numbers
B2. A.F.T.E.R.

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