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Righteously Recharged - Remastered Vinyl

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Beggars Banquet

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“Thee Hypnotics brought the house down with their Stooges-like raw power, singer Jim Jones prowling like a feral Rob Tyner-meets-Jerry-Lee and backed by a cut-price Heartbreakers build around flamboyant guitarist Ray Hanson.” - Mojo (4 stars)

“Thee Hypnotics care only for their own generic past and frenetic present. The future doesn’t even get a look in... forget regression, this is reincarnation! Past, present and future!” - Melody Maker

Nineties hell-raising rock ‘n’ rollers Thee Hypnotics announce the release of ‘Righteously Recharged’, a coloured, heavyweight vinyl anthology including rare and unreleased material via Beggars Arkive. The band have also reformed for live EU and UK dates.

‘Righteously Recharged’ will feature four LPs including Thee Hypnotics’ acclaimed debut album ‘Come Down Heavy’ (on violet coloured vinyl), the swamp-rock follow-up ‘Soul, Glitter & Sin’ (on red coloured vinyl) and their Chris Robinson, Black Crowes produced third album ‘The Very Crystal Speed Machine’ (which never saw a UK release and will be on clear vinyl), along with a fourth disc, called ‘In A Trance’ on white vinyl, with their very first single ‘Love In A Different Vein’ plus early demos and Peel Sessions.

The set also contains in-depth liner notes by journalist Julian Marszalek, featuring interviews with the band and a savvy look at the band’s rip-roaring career, featuring outrageous tales of rock ‘n’ roll excess and exhilaration.

Taking their cues from the Detroit militancy of The MC5, the corrupting output of The Stooges and the gospel according to The Cramps, Thee Hypnotics’ devastating brand of rock ‘n’ roll was propelled by near punishing decibel levels and a fervour bordering on the evangelical.

Blazing a devastating trail of high-octane thrills and annihilation, Thee Hypnotics occupied a bizarre hinterland that sat somewhere between the British neo-psychedelic scene of the late 80s and the detonation of garageinfluenced rock from the Pacific northwest of the early 90s. Little wonder that a band that shone so bright would burn out before the end of the century.

For the first time in 20 years, the classic line-up of co-founders Jim Jones (vocals) and Ray Hanson (guitar), with Phil Smith (drums) and Jeremy Cottingham (bass), have hit the road with all the power of a Viking raiding party. Still harbouring an intense belief in assaultive rock ‘n’ roll as liberation and delivering their sonic payload with a savage intensity, this influential and legendary group is back to testify one more time.


Half Man Half Boy (Remastered)
All Messed Up (Remastered)
Unearthed (Remastered)
Release The Feeling (Remastered)
Resurrection Joe (Remastered)
(Let It) Come Down Heavy (Remastered)
Bleeding Heart (Remastered)
What To Do (Remastered)
Sonic Lament (Remastered)
Revolution Stone (Remastered)
Shakedown (Remastered)
Kissed By The Flames (Remastered)
The Big Fix (Remastered)
Point Blank 'Mystery' (Remastered)
Soul Accelerator (Remastered)
Black River Shuffle (Remastered)
Cold Blooded Love (Remastered)
Samedi's Cookbook
Keep Rollin' On
Heavy Liquid
Phil's Drum Acropolis
If The Good Lord Loves Ya
Ray's Baudelaire
Caroline Inside Out
Tie It Up
Down In The Hole
Peasant Song
Look What You've Done
Broken Morning Has
Soul Trader (BBC John Peel Sessions)
Love In A Different Vein (BBC John Peel Sessions)
Nine Times (BBC John Peel Sessions)
Lets Get Naked (BBC John Peel Sessions)
In A Trance (Early Demo)
All Night Long (First Single)
Love In A Different Vein (First Single)
Choose My Own Way
Coast To Coast (Remix) (Remastered)

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