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Morning Cartoon

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Tasty new release on Wahever records. It's the first off the label we've had in the shop and seems to be run by Matteo Boyero who invites his friends for some lovely organic collaborations based around house and dub frameworks. With a palette of live instrumentation, gently manipulated through electronic means and arranged in a friendly and mellifluous way, all five tracks are a joy on the ear. Nods to The Rotating Assembly & Jerry The Cat collide with digi-dub, jazz and a fresh new take on what everyone's calling shamanic house. But these are all just simple pointers; currently this exists out there pretty much on its own. A solitary freak of a sonic species surviving on its own fauna and flora but one that's definitely worth exploring. Recommended!


1. Homerton Air
2. Oool
3. Bathroom Jungle

1. Sampling "The Joy Of Sound Redmond Files
2. Simple Analog Pleasures

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