Joy O & Ben Vince

Transition 2 / Systems Align

Image of Joy O & Ben Vince - Transition 2 / Systems Align
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Hessle Audio

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Fresh from a weighty contribution to Dekmantel's Selectors series, UK bass champion Joy O is back to hassle Hessle, this time in collaboration with longtime buddy and serious sax man Ben Vince. Combining studio sessions with electronic manipulations of Ben's existing recordings, Joy O shatters the woody sound of the saxophone, weaving tonal meanderings, skronking blasts and raspy trills around a fractal 4/4 framework. With an unconventional house beat, smudged sound design and the endless sax variations, "Transition 2" sounds like some OG Pepe Bradock weirdness, and all the better for it. Meanwhile on the flip, "Systems Align" takes the A-side's sounds into a deeper, darker headspace thanks to subby rumble and the harsher end of Ben's register.


1. Transition 2
2. Systems Align

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