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Fake Love Vol.4

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Fake Love

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More hot shit from the Fake Love camp - intent on bringing lost classics from the global disco, boogie and soul village to our receptive head spaces; the previous three volumes have all introduced some sterling stuff from all over the world and from the last thirty years of disco dancing.

Three odd-ball disco / boogie / soul tracks that are highly infectious but head-turningly original. There's a mixture of languages and dialects on offer, leaving me scratching my head as to the origins of these mid 80s jams but enjoying them nonetheless.

Wherever Fake Love are mining their source material from, it's of exceptional quality. Recommended as always! 


Matt says: Here come Fake Love again to make us all feel hopeless at ID'ing obscure world disco. I managed to get a few off the earlier volumes but not a single one off this one. 0/10 for KP, 10/10 for FL.


1 Fake Love Untitled 00:07:29
2 Fake Love Untitled 00:07:04
3 Fake Love Untitled 00:07:45

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