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After an eventful year of touring throughout their native Australia - including runs with labelmates MONO and likeminded pioneers Tortoise - and featuring alongside the work of artist David Hockney at the National Gallery of Victoria, post-everything quintet Tangents return with another album, and another stylistic detour. New Bodies continues Tangents' rummage through countless varieties of electronics, rock, dub, noise, and free improv jazz that defines the group's acclaimed aesthetic.

The spacious dub of a plucked cello gives way to a minimalist breakbeat tableau resting over rhythmic prepared piano; a staid electronic groove is gradually absorbed into washes of frenzied improv; staccato synths are woven into tumbling avant-rock; and shimmering free drums phase over static loops of piano, guitar and cello. To quote FACT Magazine, "The quintet are so comfortable working with jazz, folk music, postrock and electronic music that it comfortably hangs in a space between the m all." On New Bodies, that description rings more intuitive and authentic than ever. 


1. Lake George (7:59)
2. Terracotta (7:53)
3. Arteries (4:48)
4. Immersion (6:19)
5. Gone To Ground (10:32)
6. Swells Under Tito (5:07)
7. Oort Cloud (7:10)

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