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Bunny Chow

Image of Andy Compton / Shamrock - Bunny ChowImage of Andy Compton / Shamrock - Bunny Chow
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Lumberjacks In Hell

About this item

Andy Compton & Shamrock team up with singer Asali for some sunlight drenched boogie sounds recorded in South Africa. We're having a brilliant week already here in Picc as the warmth of the bank holiday sun has ushered in a shift of gears and moods across the inner city area. This, combined with a plethora of sweat-soaked heaters and tantalizing new vibrations has offered us new inspiration just as the deep mid winter was beginning to really wilt our souls.

"Bunny Chow" is one such jam heralding the change of season. Optimistic and relaxed, flamenco-ish guitar licks and exotic scat vox meet a sloppy and slow 4/4 groove for a Balearic daytime cruise rich in spirit and vigor. "Everything Is Gravy" features Asli's delicate vocals and sees gentile trumpet lines ride a kinda boss nova typa beat pattern for a thoroughly enjoyable saunter through sun dappled foliage and the scent of flowers in blossom. "Nifanyeje" is an obvious choice for anyone warming up the beach bars and outdoor stages around the Adriatic coast over the next few months while "Roga Mziki" concludes with a hooky picked bassline intertwining with lead guitar and a thoroughly stimulating SA vocal part. Ace stuff!


A1. Bunny Chow
A2. Everything Is Gravy (feat Asli)
B1. Nifanyeje
B2. Roga Mziki

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