Horton Jupiter

BAH 044

Image of Horton Jupiter - BAH 044
Record Label
Bahnsteig 23

About this item

With a bang, crash and Technicolor whallop the 44th Bahsteig battlewagon pushes its way into the Piccadilly shelves, with none other than Horton Jupiter at the helm. A three tracker, 'BAH 044' trades in weird wave action, spangled space disco and slow and low voodoo bump, providing the left of centre DJ with all the arsenal he needs for club contortions. "Eclectic Day" opens the action with the kind of proggy sequences, jazzy drum fills and sprawling synthery you can only find on a German release, totally nailing that transportative dancefloor mode you discovered when Baldelli or Loda dropped a kosmische cut. Keeping with the spacey stylings "Smokin' The Roach" is an Italian slice of space disco which combines all the drama of Italian balladry with guitar arpeggios, a disco 4/4 and a control room full of synthesis. Finally we get to "The Box", a grumbling rumble of fuzzy bass, tumbling percussion and Cramps on quaaludes chord progressions that would certainly never have featured on the music video channel of the same name...probably a good thing...


A1. Eclectic Day
A2. Smokin' The Roach
B1. The Box

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