Balla Et Ses Balladins

The Syliphone Years - Ben Gomori Edits

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Sterns Edits

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Sterns Edits returns after their well received and recently repressed Amadou Balaké excursions, this time with Ben Gomori turning his hand to Guinea for a third instalment in the series of re-works from the Sterns Music catalogue of African gems. Balla et ses Balladins were one of Guinea's national 'orchestras' formed as a result of the newly elected President, Sékou Touré's 'authenticité' policy of the early 1960s, which sought to promote Guinea's cultural identity following independence from France in 1958.
Gomori takes the scalpel to two cuts recorded during their years on the state-run Syliphone label, making good use of bandleader Balla's lively trumpet playing. The gently haunting 'Nyo' is taken on an undulating dancefloor trip, rolling along at a club friendly 120bpm (ish) as a head-nodding bassline and stuttering FX creating a shimmering effect around the tropical guitars and pitched up trumpet. Over on the flip, the rousing horns of 'Wilikabo' are underpinned with a rasping synth bass for a punchy juxtaposition.


Patrick says: I've kept my ear on these Sterns Edits and can happily say that this third instalment is my favourite so far. While the bassy throb of the B-side will undoubtedly do much mainroom damage, it's the trippy, tumbling soundscape and psychedelic shimmer of "Nyo" that's gonna slot straight into my setlists. The minimal revival is on.


A1. Nyo (Ben Gomori’s Nyo-Pop Edit)
B1. Wilikabo (Ben Gomori’s Kaboom Edit)

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