Hardway Bros

The Laser EP - Inc. Max Pask Remix

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Hardway Brother's back on Throne Of Blood with some peaktime business for the label. “Friedman Feedback Loop Revision” is a masterclass in efficient simplicity, elevating a few basic loops into an exhilarating 8 minute monster. “The Laser” is rugged and electric, with a highly stimulating sound palette and rock solid rhythms galvanized through gentle distortion and maximum headroom on the b-line. The B-side finds TOB’s label manager Max Pask injecting “Friedman Feedback Loop Revision” with his love for all things analog and Italo. With his impressive collection of synths brought to life by Chinatown Records’ Brennan Green, the song is transformed into an epic set-closer that’s already devasting dancefloors such as Berlin’s Panorama Bar. The EP closes with “Afro Sirene,” a midtempo groover with melodic arpeggios built for the discerning DJ’s warm-up set. What a set! 


A1. Friedman Feedback Loop Revision
A2. The Laser
B1. Friedman Feedback Loop Revision (Max Pask Remix)
B2. Afro Sirene

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