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The band keep exploring Space Rock, Dub and Neo-Psychedelia with great open guitar riffs and a distinctive drum and bass signature that makes an original complement for british rock tradition –shoegaze- and dance hall/ dub genre. The Ganjas best record re-issued on double vinyl it’s one of the essentials of our catalog. Also a key-stone for all of the Psychedelic Chilean Underground.

As the main characters of alternative rock for about 2 decades in Chile and with 7 albums released (3 with BYM) we bring a new reissue from The Ganjas, one of the most mature records of his career, or the one that at least traces its early development in its entirety. 'Daybreak' (BYM055) shows the band at a moment of creative acuity that incorporates both sonic urgency and compositional and authorial resolution, an identity that will be maintained until their most recent albums. If you have seen the band live, or if not yet done so, you will find the songs on this album as a fundamental part of their repertoire

These songs don't require repeated listening to foster appreciation, they affect immediately, and relentlessly. Now with two guitars blended together instead of baroque melodies given previously by a synthesizer, there’s a new warm feeling of raw and sharp atmospheres from studio-like works like Ragged Glory from Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This means music that flows same as good in the studio as played live, with a tight end work on loose compositions. A flawless blend of acoustic that turn into fuzz guitar work and backbeat rhythms that create the aural equivalent of fog.


1.Sonic Redemption
2.Smokin’ Louise
3.Riot Dub
5.Frío Ni Calor
6.New Groove
7.Out From Heaven
8.7th Day
10. Exile
11. Somethin’ Down
12. Chillán
13. Shutdown

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