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One Way Traffic

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Moog Recordings Library

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Moog Recordings Library is the record arm of Moog Sound Lab which was created and loaned by Moog Music Inc as a celebration of the life and work of Dr Robert Moog. Across 2015 and 2016 the project invited a who's who of contemporary electronic artists for a 'conference' around the celebrated synthesizer. This week we see the fruits of these sessions via releases by Mika Vainio, Hieroglyphic Being and The Grid.

Who do you go to for your very first session when you have just been gifted your very own top-flight ‘Stradivarius of synth based studios’? enter ‘The Grid’ …Mr David Ball: One man band of pioneering electro-pop distorters Soft Cell, part time Psychic TV personality, film soundtrack composer and all round synth afficionado & Richard Norris: eclectic beat-meister & ambient DJ, record producer, commited psychedelicist from ‘Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’. The 1990’s saw worldwide commercial success as The Grid Scored 10 uk chart hits, many a euro hit including 1994’s international mega-hit ‘Swamp Thing” featuring a twisted use of sampled banjos lifted from the 1970’s okie shocker movie ‘Providence. In 1996 The Grid went on a holiday and they didn't return till 2005. in the initial week of The Moog Sound-Lab in early 2015 as the studio was literally put together around them, our abiding memory was their absolutely delighted grins as each Moog unit was added to the lab. Dave & Richard created this benchmark album of deluxe ‘tronic trax that showcased their prarie wide knowledge of electronica & their ocean deep skills as both technicians & original soundscapers - Kraftwerk-Ian werk-outs, space noise jams, and slinky grooves with subtle pop-tones. The Tracklisting – One Way Traffic, Test One, Disturbia, Goldenfilter, ECG, DPM.


Barry says: Throbbing Kosmische arpeggios, stabbing percussive streaks and the unmistakeable Moog ladder filter all form into a heady and intoxicating synth journey. Possibly my favourite of the three, and that's saying something.


1. One Way Traffic (edit) (12:22)
2. Test One (1:24)
3. Disturbia (5:12)

1 Goldenfilter (6:47)
2. ECG (6:08)
3. DPM (4:40)

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