Mike Simonetti

I Love You Mum

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Fresh shit from everyone's favourite New Yorker, moonlighting here on the Correspondent label. Four tracks more in line with the psychedelic house and techno output of his 2MR label. Stripped back and with a strong, clean signal path M-Sim conjures up expansive digital soundscapes, peppered with intricate perc and interesting sounds. Perfectly suited to both home, club and car play, I can see this simultaneously soundtracking ketted-up after party shenanigans, driving moments of nightclub power and spot lit cruises through nocturnal cityscapes. It finds Mike in good form, effortlessly turning his hand to futuristic grooves and spangly new textures.


A1. I Love You Mom
A2. Let's Go For A Walk

B1. No God No Masters
B2. I Love You Dad

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