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Trap Configurations

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Our favourite noise merchants, June Records present a new compilation of live electronics and hardware dirg; featuring music from Svengalisghost, Manie Sans Délire, newcomer Bruce Roach, Trenton Chase, RR Hearse + Furnace Miskin and Zodiac Free Arts Club. As usual, it's an uncompromising, razor-sharp edged listen; industrialized, mechanized and weaponized! - head for the bunkers! Highlights include, "Static Control" by Manie Sans Delire - shuddering off the wax like a lost Throbbing Gristle number, while Trenton Chase's "Hand Of God" recalls the spiraling electro-disco of Telex or Morodor but refracted through a a scorched and fried outboard system. Strictly for the warehouse freaks and cyber-goths this one folks... proceed with caution!


A1. Svengalisghost - Cyberdreams
A2. Bruce Roach - Zoblin 07
A3. Manie Sans Délire - CTI
B1. Manie Sans Délire - Static Control
B2. Zodiac Free Arts Club - Sohoton
B3. Trenton Chase - Hand Of God
B4. RR Hearse + Furnace Miskin - Theme 

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